Faculty and Staff

Mr. Stephen AgerMr. Stephen Ager
Assistant Business Manager

Ms. Mina AndersonMs. Mina Anderson
Faculty, English

Ms. Tania ArguetaMs. Tania Argueta
Placement Specialist, Corporate Work Study Program

Mr. Christopher BacasMr. Christopher Bacas
Faculty, Science

Mr. Elias BlancoMr. Elias Blanco
Interim Principal

Mrs. Veronica BryantMrs. Veronica Bryant
Executive Assistant, Office of the President

Ms. Jennifer CastanedaMs. Jennifer Castaneda
Interim Assistant Principal for Student Life

Ms. Ana ChapaMs. Ana Chapa
Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), Executive Director

Mr. Sam ChapaMr. Sam Chapa
Faculty, History

Mr. Harry ChristianMr. Harry Christian
Assistant Director of Development and Communications

Ms. Angeley CrawfordMs. Angeley Crawford
Faculty, Spanish

Rev. Michael Conway, SDBRev. Michael Conway, SDB

Mr. Nicolas DeJesusMr. Nicolas DeJesus
Faculty, Spanish

Mr. Fabiano DeSouzaMr. Fabiano DeSouza
Faculty, Science

Mrs. Emily EnzMrs. Emily Enz
Faculty, English

Mr. Rudi FeilerMr. Rudi Feiler
Dean of Academics

Mr. Stephan FelixMr. Stephan Felix
Technology Support Specialist

Mrs. Madelin Fernandez FoxMrs. Madelin Fernandez Fox
Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions

Ms. Jessica GarciaMs. Jessica Garcia
Receptionist, Front Office Coordinator

Ms. Lupita-Maria GarzaMs. Lupita-Maria Garza
Faculty, English

Ms. Jacqueline GuevaraMs. Jacqueline Guevara
Faculty, Science

Br. Bill Hanna, SDBBr. Bill Hanna, SDB
Faculty, Physical Education

Rev. Dennis Hartigan, SDBRev. Dennis Hartigan, SDB
Director of Mission and Faculty, Theology

Mr. Julio HernandezMr. Julio Hernandez
Admissions Associate

Ms. Tamara HullMs. Tamara Hull
Associate Director of Development & Advancement Services Management

Ms. Gelynn HurtMs. Gelynn Hurt
Business Development Manager

Mr. Eric JeterMr. Eric Jeter
Faculty, Mathematics

Ms. Jessie KaplanMs. Jessie Kaplan
Executive Assistant, Office of the Principal

Mrs. Melissa KiblerMrs. Melissa Kibler

Mr. Christopher LesesneMr. Christopher Lesesne
Faculty, Athletic Director

Mrs. Marguerite McNickleMrs. Marguerite McNickle

Mrs. Ana MejiaMrs. Ana Mejia

Mr. Sean MiskiminsMr. Sean Miskimins
Faculty, History

Mr. Malik NickensMr. Malik Nickens
Faculty, Mathematics

Mrs. Esther OwensMrs. Esther Owens
Faculty, Theology

Mrs. Antionette ParksMrs. Antionette Parks
Director of Counseling

Mr. Anthony PierceMr. Anthony Pierce
Faculty, Social Studies

Mrs. Sylvia PopeMrs. Sylvia Pope
Faculty, Mathematics

Mr. Julio PrudencioMr. Julio Prudencio
Maintenance Technician

Mr. Eric RiversMr. Eric Rivers
Director of Growth and Development

Mr. Benjamin RunyonMr. Benjamin Runyon
Business Manager

Ms. Karen SalmeronMs. Karen Salmeron
Alumni Outreach Coordinator

Mrs. Frances SantiagoMrs. Frances Santiago
Faculty, Foreign Language Department Chair

Ms. Regina SaraviaMs. Regina Saravia
Academic Support and Volunteer Coordinator

Mr. Larry SmithMr. Larry Smith
Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Robert SmithMr. Robert Smith
Faculty, Mathematics

Mr. Kevin SomokMr. Kevin Somok
Faculty, Theology Department Chair

Mrs. Susan VarroneMrs. Susan Varrone
Teacher Coach

Rev. Dieunel Victor, SDBRev. Dieunel Victor, SDB
Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Mrs. Lesbern Wilkins Mrs. Lesbern Wilkins
Faculty, Science