Supervisor’s Corner

Director’s Note

Thank you for a wonderful first week! Last week 390 Don Bosco Cristo Rey Student Workers headed off to work and they were welcomed by over 150 different supervisors!

112 new students finished their three week Bridge for Success Summer Training Program and on Wednesday and Friday headed to work for the first time. When I asked them how their first day went I got a variety of answers ranging from “It was great! The people are really nice and the building is amazing” to “I am really sorry but I was late on my first day because I got lost but don’t worry I know how to get there now.”

Thank you for all of your patience as our workers learned how to get to the right place and how to find their corresponding supervisors. Your warm welcomes and orientations immediately made them feel a part of your company.

This year we are happy to include the United States Department of Energy, Furey, Doolan and Abell, Iridium Communications, The MITRE Corporation, Rothwell Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, as Corporate Partners. Jubilee Jumpstart, Our Lady of Sorrows Church, and St. Francis International Catholic School will also be partnering with Don Bosco Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program for the first time this school year!

We wish a special congratulations to Brenda Bunting of Savantage Solutions for being named the Employee of the Quarter by her company for all of her support and dedication to the Don Bosco Cristo Rey Student Workers over the last several years. As we know our program works to transform the lives of DC youth and it is ONLY possible through the work and commitment of supervisors such as Brenda!

At DBCR we are all anxiously awaiting the visit from Pope Francis in less than 10 days! I am happy to announce that 10 of our students and staff will be at the airport to greet the Holy Father when he lands in DC. Another 10 members of our community will be with Pope Francis at the White House on Wednesday morning. One of our seniors will serve as a gift bearer during the Mass at the Shrine. We are also excited that the Holy Father will be spending a portion of his visit with our dear friends and Corporate Partners Catholic Charities DC. In light of the Papal Visit and the numerous street closures and expected transportation delays we are going to ask that you excuse students from attending work on Wednesday September 23rd. If this will create any problems please let us know. There are still likely to be delays and street closures on Thursday, September 24th but they are expected to be much fewer. Our students WILL BE expected to attend work on Thursday. If you would prefer your student worker not attend work please inform our office ASAP.

This year 115 companies and organizations have opted to partner with Don Bosco Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program and have said yes to enabling and empowering college bound under resources students to succeed in the professional workplace. We are eternally grateful.

Please refer to our website for more information. If you have any questions, concerns or need any support please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Program Coordinators (Gelynn Hurt, Kathleen Merlo, or Br. Tom Sweeney) or the Operations Manager, Freidricka Camille.

Thank you,

Ana Chapa
Executive Director
(301) 891-4750 x101


As a way to ensure that all student workers are accountable for the time worked, and to comply with Federal Department of Labor requirements, we require students to complete a timesheet for each day they work. We ask Supervisors to allot 5-10 minutes at the end of each work day for the student to complete the timesheet. Timesheets are completed by the students electronically through an email link from Salesforce. The timesheet submission triggers an automated email with a link for the pending approval and feedback from the supervisor.

Your Company’s Program Coordinator

A listing of partner companies and the corresponding program coordinator assigned to be your point of contact will soon be available for the 2015-2016 school year.

Corporate Partner Handbook

Download the 2017-2018 Corporate Partner Handbook here.

Monday Rotation Schedule

Download the rotating Monday work schedule and key dates here.