Why Partner With Us


The purpose of the Corporate Work Study Program at Don Bosco Cristo Rey is to provide students with real-world job experience while allowing them to earn a portion of the cost of their education. This experience empowers and enables college-bound under-resourced students to succeed in the professional workplace. It is an integral part of their educational experience at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.

We Believe…

  • Skill building creates opportunities
  • Success can be attained regardless of life circumstances
  • A cohesive program of academic and professional training cultivates young leaders
  • Exposure to the professional workplace broadens goals
  • Work-study engages a community of support


We are looking for corporate partners who want to make a difference in the lives of young people and generations to come by hiring these deserving students. They put forth the effort to pay for their own high school education, and we need partners who are just as committed to seeing them succeed in the workplace. A strong mentoring relationship balanced with constructive feedback, as well as professional and personal development is key to preparing students for a competitive workforce and for life.


Student workers complete tasks that would ordinarily be completed by a temporary worker or a full-time entry level position.

Proof That Our Model Works

Impressive facts
– Over 94% of student workers receive evaluation ratings of ‘Meets Expectations, Occasionally Exceeds Expectations, and Consistently Exceeds Expectations.’
– 90% renewal rate with our existing corporate partners

Payroll Cost Savings

Student workers cost less than hiring a single, full-time employee since the company does not pay for benefits, vacations, or sick days.

All payroll, legal, tax, worker’s compensation and injury paperwork is processed through the School’s Business Office.

How It Works…

  • Employee leasing – Companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) to fill their full-time, entry-level, clerical jobs, such as file clerk, mail processor, receptionist, etc.
  • Job Sharing – Four students share one job. The business is covered Monday through Friday. Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days a month throughout the extended (10 month) school year.
  • Students work standard business hours, usually 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., from Labor Day through mid-June, except for some school holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. Other non-working holidays will be discussed with partners. Partners may retain the same students the following academic year, as well as hire them during the summer and holidays.
  • Students are employees of the Corporate Work Study Program, not the Corporate Partner. Companies pay a flat fee of $32,200 directly to CWSP for one full-time Corporate Work Study Team; CWSP handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, Worker’s Compensation, FICA and FUTA paperwork, as well as all routine employer issues. Each student of the four-person team earns $8,050/year toward his or her tuition.
  • Students receive three weeks of professional Workforce Training from the CWSP staff and volunteer corporate partners in preparation for the work assignment.
  • Daily Supervision/Oversight from the CWSP – We transport students to/from work each day. We are in regular contact with partners and students to ensure positive working relationships.

Common Good

Many companies have established initiatives and programs in the areas of diversity and inclusion, minority relations, and corporate social responsibility. Partnering with us would align with your company’s community goals with our Mission-based goals.

For More Information

Contact Ana Chapa, CWSP – Executive Director, at achapa@dbcr.org or 301-891-4750 x101.