Credits and Graduation

To satisfy the requirements for a diploma from Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, a student must earn the required number of credits, must pass all courses taken during the Senior year, and must cooperate with all school policies, rules and regulations.

A credit is defined as a completed unit of study. An hour of work is the equivalent of 55 minutes of class time (often called a “contact hour”). A minimum of 220 hours of work by each student is required for each unit of credit. Ordinarily, a course must cover a year-long period for every unit of credit given.

1 credit = 1 full year course; ½ credit = semester course


Theology: 4
English: 4 Credits
Mathematics: 4 Credits
Social Studies: 4 Credits
Science: 3 Credits
World Languages: 4 Credits
Physical Education: 0.5 Credit
Health: 0.5 Credit
Technology: 1 Credit
College Prep: 1 Credit
Fine Arts: 1 Credit
Corporate Work Study Program: 1 Credit each year of attendance

TOTAL: approximately 31