Program Logistics

Turnkey Operation

The Corporate Work Study Program has the infrastructure to make this work for your company. Our business unit is divided into three key and interdependent portfolios; operations, training, and job team recruitment. We conduct ongoing process improvement efforts to ensure efficiency and supervisor/student worker engagement. Some activities that highlight our infrastructure include:

  • Adherence to a professional dress code
  • Student worker initiated electronic timesheets and supervisor-approved
  • Daily performance ratings and supervisor comments and bi-annual evaluations to aid in continuous development
  • Morning check-in at several spots around the DC Metro Area
  • Ongoing support is provided by dedicated department staff


Job teams are working at over 100 businesses. From Gaithersburg to McLean, Greenbelt to Alexandria, DC to Rockville. We provide each student with the most efficient mode of transportation to and from work. This year, 91 percent of students take public transportation to work. Our dedicated Transportation Team coordinates school van and public transportation check-in to ensure student workers arrive by 9 a.m. and are en route to school or home by 5 p.m.

School Calendar

Student workers begin working in September and end in mid-June with the exception of seniors who finish in late May. There is a two week winter break and one week spring break. Students do not work on federal or school holidays unless the student has agreed with his supervisor to make-up a missed day.


Typically, students go to work according to grade level. For example, seniors head to work on Tuesdays, freshmen on Wednesdays, juniors on Thursdays, and sophomores on Fridays. Monday is the rotating day. For example, the first Monday of April, a senior will work Monday as well as their typical day, Tuesday. The following Monday, a freshman will work Monday and his typical day on Wednesday. Therefore, you will see each student worker five days a month.

4 student workers = 1 FTE (full-time equivalent)

Missed Days

If a student is seriously late or has missed a work day due to illness or other excused reason, he/she must coordinate with his/her supervisor to make-up it up during a regularly scheduled school holiday as all other days of the week students are in class.