Why Partner With Us


The purpose of the Corporate Work Study Program at Don Bosco Cristo Rey is to provide students with real-world job experience while allowing them to earn a portion of the cost of their high school education. This experience empowers and enables college-bound under-resourced students to succeed in the professional workplace. It is an integral part of their educational experience at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.

We Believe…

  • Skill building creates opportunities
  • Success can be attained regardless of life circumstances
  • A cohesive program of academic and professional training cultivates young leaders
  • Exposure to the professional workplace broadens goals
  • Work-study engages a community of support

Return On Investment

Student workers complete tasks that would ordinarily be completed by a temporary worker or a full-time entry level position.

The types of tasks student workers perform can be a mile wide or a mile deep. Some of the most common tasks include:

  • Office services
  • Marketing and business development
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology

Many companies have established initiatives and programs in the areas of diversity and inclusion, minority relations, and corporate social responsibility. Partnering with us would align with your company’s community goals with our Mission-based goals.

Proof That Our Model Works

  • Over 94 percent of student workers receive evaluation ratings of ‘Meets Expectations, Occasionally Exceeds Expectations, and Consistently Exceeds Expectations.’
  • 90 percent renewal rate with our existing corporate partners