Student Life

Student Life

During a students’ time at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, teachers and staff work with students as they develop the Christian values essential for a successful and fulfilling life and create a school environment where students are most likely to succeed. Students at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School have been admitted because they have expressed a strong desire to work hard and to be responsible, thoughtful individuals.

In the spirit of St. John Bosco’s devotion to the young, Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School strives to serve as a home that welcomes, a parish that prays, a school that prepares for life, a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves! Don Bosco (as St. John Bosco is intimately called) emphasized the importance of helping young students bond as a school family, grow in their faith, prepare for the future and engage in healthy fun. These four aspects of Salesian ministry drive all programs, activities, and ministries at Don Bosco – FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE and FUN!

The Student Life Office produces, publishes and monitors school policies and programs to assist students in learning and establishing healthy, professional habits for success in the Future.

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School provides students with opportunities to participate in clubs, and after school activities so that they have an opportunity to meet others and have Fun.

For more information regarding Student Life please contact Dean of Students, Chris Lesesne, at