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  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer
  • Cross Country (co-ed)
  • Girls Volleyball


  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball


  • Softball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Track

Athletics Schedule

Conference Teams Highlights

Player of the Year

Girls’ Soccer
Angie Flores

Boys’ Soccer
Bryant Lopez


During the first summer training in 2007, students were given the task of suggesting three mascot choices. Father Steve spoke about Don Bosco during orientation, his encounters with powerful animals, particularly wolves, were highlighted from the Don Bosco book. Inspired by Don Bosco's stories of facing formidable creatures, the students associated themselves with the idea of wolves.

However, one student proposed a unique perspective: instead of being represented by a single wolf, they believed that the mascot should symbolize the unity and strength of their community. Thus, the idea of a wolfpack emerged, reflecting the importance of being named as a collective entity—a community bound together.


Don Bosco Cristo Rey are official members of the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC)

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