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Student Leadership


Greetings DBCR Community,

I'm Javier Alemán, I am senior and the Student Government President here at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, and I'm thrilled to share with you what makes our school truly exceptional. As the eldest of four siblings and the first in my family to pursue a college education, my journey led me to Don Bosco Cristo Rey, where I discovered an environment like no other.

At Don Bosco, our focus on real-world exposure has transformed me into not just a diligent student but also a driven collaborator within various team settings. Whether it's group projects, corporate development teams, or leadership roles like the student government council, our school has provided me with invaluable experiences. Starting here was a fresh beginning, and now, as I prepare to graduate, I do so with confidence, knowing I'm equipped to thrive in both university and the workplace, thanks to the resources and the caring individuals who comprise our community.

One of the most distinctive aspects of our school is our intimate class sizes, with an average of 100 students per grade level. This small class environment allows every student to receive the individualized attention needed to realize their full potential and develop essential leadership skills. Having come from large public schools where I felt like just a number, I can certify that Don Bosco Cristo Rey offered me the opportunity to be recognized as a person. As I walk down our hallways, I'm greeted by familiar faces, each with a first and last name, embodying the essence of our close-knit community.

It's this sense of unity and collaboration that truly sets us apart. At Don Bosco Cristo Rey, we all work together, supporting one another on the path to a brighter future. Our community thrives on the belief that when we help each other succeed, we elevate the entire school and pave the way for excellence.

Welcome to Don Bosco Cristo Rey, where our unique culture fosters not only academic growth but also personal development and lasting relationships. We invite you to explore and experience firsthand what makes our school a place where students like me can dream big and achieve even bigger. One of our mottos is “Better! Together!”. Together, we're building a brighter future for all.

Best regards,
Javier Alemán, Senior

Student Government President at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School

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