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DBCR Mourns the Loss of Community Member Ryan Realbuto

Dear Friend of DBCR, 

The Don Bosco Cristo Rey community deeply mourns the tragic death of staff member Ryan Realbuto, who was killed the evening of January 18th, 2024 in an attempted robbery. We ask for your prayers for Ryan, his family, and the DBCR community. 

Ryan was a Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps member who was assigned to work at DBCR's Corporate Work Study Program. He started in August 2023, and quickly became a devoted and impactful member of our community. He worked with our 9th grade students at our Leadership Academy to help prepare them to enter the workforce. He was also responsible for overseeing all students who worked virtual jobs from our Silver Spring office. Ryan was known as someone who was willing to help with any challenge, at any time. 

As I pray about Ryan’s life, I keep coming back to a beautiful conversation Gabe Obregon (the Director of our Corporate Work Study Program and Ryan’s direct boss) and I had with Ryan’s mom, Janet, this past weekend. 

We told her that Ryan added so much to our community, especially to the Freshmen class. We told her we were excited that Ryan was scheduled to shadow a staff member in each department, to learn and to see where he might work next school year. He wanted to stay at least one more year with us, after his volunteer assignment was over.   

Janet was effusive about Ryan’s experience at Don Bosco … how he had found a place that had welcomed him and a place where he was growing. 

She was remarkably strong in a moment of unspeakable pain and loss; Janet was trying to make us feel better. I see where Ryan learned his selfless commitment to others, his sense of always wanting to help. 

It was a beautiful moment, it was a heartbreaking moment… 

As you can read in his obituary, his family decided to include DBCR as a recipient of any donations made in Ryan's memory. Any gifts received in Ryan’s name will be used to continue his work at DBCR.  

We are actively working to support our students and staff who are grieving from this loss. We will share details about a local memorial service on our social media channels when they become available.   

We were truly blessed by Ryan's presence, his kindness, and his smile. 

He will be deeply missed. 

Mark Shriver  
Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School & Corporate Work Study Program