The Robert E. Smith Scholarship Fund

Each year, The Robert E. Smith Scholarship Fund will award a $1,000 scholarship in the form of a Humanitarian Award and a $1,000 Merit Scholarship to deserving graduating seniors. All donations in memory of beloved DBCR teacher, Mr. Rob Smith will be used towards these scholarships. The criteria for these awards are stated below and the recipients of the awards will be decided by a panel of faculty and administrators.

Robert E. Smith Humanitarian Award

Rob Smith greeted students every morning as they arrived at school.  He was always there to lend an ear, a hand, and support to his students and friends.  He truly embodied the mission to love in true Don Bosco fashion.  This award recognizes the outstanding graduating senior who has given selflessly, demonstrates patience and generosity to all and who dedicates his or her time to helping others and to the betterment of our community, leading with Faith and Family.

While continuing education is not a requirement of this scholarship, a healthy need to question and a strong commitment to giving to others should be a focus.

Robert E. Smith Merit  Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes academic integrity and excellence, specifically in mathematics and science, of a graduating senior who exemplifies a high commitment to life-long learning and the mission and values of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.

This scholarship is intended to help support the graduate recipient’s further education.

On April 15, 2020, the DBCR community celebrated the unforgettable and great Rob Smith. May he be resting in God’s peace.

See the commemorative video here.