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Why Partner With Us?

Corporate Work Study Purpose

The purpose of the Corporate Work Study Program at Don Bosco Cristo Rey is to provide students with real-world job experience while allowing them to earn a portion of the cost of their high school education. This experience empowers and enables college-bound under-resourced students to succeed professionally. It is integral to their educational experience at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.


Proof Our Model Works

Over 98%

Student workers receive evaluation ratings of ‘Meets Expectations, Occasionally Exceeds Expectations, and Consistently Exceeds Expectations.’


Renewal rate with our existing corporate partners.


Students gain exposure to many possible career and post-graduation pathways.



Students build their professional references and learn how to network.



Students learn how to engage with professionals in the workforce.




Gives students professional skills and the confidence to achieve lifelong success.

Why Partner? Diversity & Inclusion

Without intentional investments in people and communities of color, and the organizations that work to address the removal of systemic barriers, real change will remain out of reach. Business leaders nationwide recognize and are responding to the imperative to have an actionable purpose for their organizations. Cristo Rey Network’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) offers complementary efforts toward our mutually desired outcomes.

Learn how we Diversify the Workforce